How To Make VEGAN Dog Food

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Green Mush-

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Good Nutrition for Healthy Vegan Dogs

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  1. poor dog 🙁 (dont come at me saying dogs are omnivores bullshit) an omnivore eats both meat and veggies but NOTHING here is “omnivore” its VEGAN. Why dont you get a rabbit/ guinea pig instead of forcing your opinions on a naturally carnivore animal

  2. Meat eaters be like : i kill and torture animals that are smarter and more sentient than dogs but thats ok, vegans who feed their dog a healthy vegan diet though are so cruel! Even if the dog is healthy and happy.. whos the real animal abuser? Look in the mirror first you bitches

  3. I have been considering doing this for my 3 dogs. I saw a documentary about what companies are putting in dog food and it was scary. I have recently gone vegan and this will probably be one of the next steps I take.

  4. Hannah, feed half lentils / beans, 1/4 grains, 1/8 orange veg, 1/8 green veg, plus oil and VeggieYeast supplement (an acidifier).
    I love your video but the lentils made too small a portion compared to all the rest.

  5. Thanks for sharing this great recipe! How old are your dogs? We are getting a puppy (9weeks) soon and I’m unsure about how much and what I should feed them. I would also really like to cook fresh for him. Do you have any recommendations/tipps to what is important for puppies? 🙂

  6. How do you supplement your dog with vitamin D3 and how do you know how much to give? I have found many resources on supplements for dogs that include B12, taurine, and l-carnitine but not much information for D3

  7. I don’t eat meat whatsoever but I believe this to be wrong. Dogs are supposed to go on a raw meat diet because they thrive on it. Dogs may be omnivores but they do need meat. They don’t have the voice to tell you that. When on a raw meat diet, they have to many benefit to it. Healthy hair, healthy nails, more active. I don’t want to come across as hating cause I love animals and can not stand to see them tortured but it’s cruel to deny another being their natural diet.

  8. You do not need to supplement your dog’s food with Taurine because the dog’s body can manufacturer it’s own, just like humans! Same goes for B12! B12 comes from plants so if you are feeding your dogs a healthy home made meal, it’s unnecessary to add these supplements. They could do more harm than good. I would do a blood test to see if the dogs are low in them before adding them to their food. Adding them to the dog’s food could throw their own body’s production off thus making it necessary to keep giving it to them for the rest of their lives. Plus, the manufactured type is not as healthy as the real type that the body makes.
    I mean, think about it, how would animals survive in the wild without supplements?

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