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Watch how to make creamy and rich fettuccine Alfredo. This sensational sauce combines cream, butter, and two types of cheese.

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  1. You lost me at garlic salt, also no parsley? Come on man, it’s an easy dish anyway, why halfass it?. Fry or boil chicken, cook pasta (any type) toss butter into a sauce pan on medium heat then toss garlic in once it melts, then after a few minutes add heavy cream, then once that heats up add grated cheese, parmasean is necesssary, but you can add cheddar or your favorite cheeses as well, stir and let simmer and make sure everything is melted…pepper and salt are optional. put that crap on any type of pasta and watch your dreams come true.

  2. I’ve made this recipe several times except for I have never used romano, only parmesan, and I add shrimp at the end that I previously cooked in olive oil, little butter and lots of fresh minced garlic. Also, Italian parsley of course on top.

  3. Comment on the butter – Alfredo’s in Rome is the original home of Fettuccine Alfredo. Having eaten there, it is, obviously, the best I’ve ever had. Lots of online recipes for Alfredo’s and most of them essentially have an equal portion of butter and cheese. That’s pretty much the recipe. Alfredo’s also does not use any heavy cream. I think this recipe trades in some butter and cheese for the heavy cream to make it smooth. I think the butter is what makes it more authentic, honestly, and its the cream that breaks tradition. There is no “healthy” Alfredo sauce – you can certainly do substitutes, but every change takes it away from being authentic Alfredo.

  4. I’m 13 years old and idk how to cook so I found this recipe and i made soon my family got home and ate some and said it was so delicious thanks very much for the recipe

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