How to make the Ramen Bomb: Ultralight backpacking food ideas

How to make the Ramen Bomb: Ultralight backpacking food ideas
My go to dinner food on the trail is the ramen bomb. It starts with instant mashed potatoes in a freezer bag. I then add boiled Ramen noodles (water and all!) to the freezer bag, stir and let it sit. While it sits I slice whatever meat I’ve brought (pepperoni, sausage, SPAM). I then add it to the potato and ramen mix and stir again. This makes a calorie dense and delicious mix. Perfect food for the trail and a great backpacking food idea.

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  1. 1. Ramon/potatoe/meat mix in zip bag placed in bag cozy.
    2. Pour 2 cups boiling water into ingredient bag which is in cozy.
    3. Let cook in bag cozy for 10 min while gently kneading the the cozy to mix up.
    4. Eat and Enjoy!
    5. NO CLEAN UP!

  2. Looks delicious… I just did something similar last week, Roman noodles, sea salt and pepper beef jerkey, jalapeños (removed seeds)… will burn twice, fresh green beens, fresh spinach, green onions… little of each makes a fantastic meal… Thanks for sharing.

  3. looks good but fyi with a cozy and or warmer weather once the water boils turn it off let the ramen stand for 10 to 15 no reason to keep burning fuel if anything after sitting just reheat, personally I don’t like using hot water in plastic, rated or not

  4. If I’m pre-packaging the freezer bags with generic instant mashed potatoes, about how much for each ramen bomb? 1 cup? 2 cups? I just have a big box of the instant potatoes, so it’s not neatly packaged as 1 serving or 2 servings or anything.

  5. this is similar to spread. its what they make in jail. ive had it twice. never been to jail though. they ise a garbage bag. ive seen slim jims go in. tuna, saltines, mayo/mustard packets. parm cheese.

  6. If you’re willing to wait 15-20 mins you can pour the boiling water into the bag containing noodles. Then your cook pot is 100% clean (though pasta water is pretty easy to deal with compared to most foods). If it’s cold outside then you will want a pot or pouch cozy to keep the heat in the bag while it hydrates. A beanie can work in a pinch. A cozy also makes it easier to hold the hot bag of food while you eat it instead of burning your hands. If you’re adding a lot of extra items (spam and whatnot) then hold off adding those until after the noodles have hydrated.

  7. LOLZ! “Hiker concrete!” Old timers like me would hot-rod that a bit, but the concept is sound.
    One of the best outdoor equipment investments I ever made was my food dehydrator. Yeah, counter-top gadget for the outdoors. But you can use your oven, if you know how to control the temperature.
    The old lore was that the Sherpa only ate their roasted barley tsampa above a certain altitude. For us flatlanders: Complex carbs, protein, and lipids (ghee much, y’all?) in the ratio that works for you, re-hydrated in the bag, and shoveled down your neck. (i like my sea salt. Your results may vary.) But do not forget your anti-oxidants. You are likely exercising more than you usually do, and the longer you stay out, the stronger this craving will be. One reason, for example, my jerky cure is more ascorbic acid than sea salt.

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