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See how to make the dinner classic shrimp scampi from scratch. The sauce is so flavorful and complements the rich, briny taste of the shrimp.

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  1. Scampi are in fact tiny, lobster-like crustaceans with pale pink shells
    (also called langoustines). One traditional way of preparing them in
    Italy, Ms. Bastianich writes, is to sauté them with olive oil, garlic,
    onion and white wine. Italian cooks in the United States swapped shrimp
    for scampi, but kept both names.

  2. Just a suggestion if you want to really give it some flavor substitute the PARSLEY for CILANTRO. The flavors from the lemon and garlic give it a flavor boost as parsley is some what bland

  3. gheez so more many different ways with white wine, without. Also cooking the shrimp and then removing shrimp to a different plate rather than cooking everything in the pan.

  4. OK, this is the WORST shrimp scampi recipe I’ve ever tried, and it really sucks for me because shrimp is like twice as pricey here in Germany than the US. This recipe is way too greasy, and the shrimp end up being too overcooked. I have that horrible overcooked garlicy heartburn feeling in my chest, and I usually love garlic. I usually follow a different youtube recipe for shrimp scampi, that I didn’t use this time because I thought I could kick it up a notch and learn something… No. This is over complicated, bland, greasy and just plain nasty.

  5. Enjoyed watching this, even though i have no intention whatsoever of attempting to make it; while watching I enjoyed a half decent bag of supermarket frozen scampi and some ‘thick cut’ oven chips along with a can of cut price brand peas. Yum ! and the experience of watching this vid at the same time as eating my cheapo meal fairly enhanced it’s flavour. A bit like ‘culinary pornography’ I suppose.

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