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Learn how to make this Chakchouka recipe that makes one impressive breakfast and doesn’t take much effort to put together. Enjoy it with warm pita bread and a cucumber salad.

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  1. The shakshokah is Arabic meal made from the eggs
    We make it like this
    Star Coke the onions slice with the tomatoes tell to the onion turn brown after that add
    the eggs and mix the eggs with the tomatoes until being ready
    And we add Fresh coriander.
    Enjoying it

  2. We have a very similar dish in Turkey, also eaten for breakfast. But it’s called Melemen/Menemen. I don’t know which is the correct name but both are being used.

  3. Shakshuka is not an Arabian dish, it’s from Berber origin.

    by the way: Arabs don’t have any special dishes, all their dishes from Berber, Jewish and Turkish people.

  4. I believe this channel is called ALLrecipes, not YOURrecipes! Anyway, you don’t hear Italians screaming about how Pizza Hut is butchering pizzas or chef Boyardee for butchering pasta dishes….geez people, lighten up its just food.

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