How to Make Risotto Recipes : How to Cook Risotto

Learn how to cook risotto, or Arborio rice, with expert cooking tips in this free Italian cooking video.

Expert: Anne Mooney
Bio: Anne Mooney has worked as a personal chef for the past four years, serving clients first in the Washington, D.C. area and, more recently, in the greater Orlando, FL area.
Filmmaker: Suzie Vigoin


  1. NO offense but the title is HOW TO MAKE RISOTTO RECIPES : HOW TO COOK RISOTTO.
    Absolutely NO cooking instruction was on this video. Just some odd ideas on what to do with risotto that was already made. “FAIL” Please correct this or remove it. That stuff looks flat yucky. Better lighting from larger softer light sources will also help make your video look way better.

  2. @TheRusskajadevo4ka cream and shrimp is possible, depends from the kind of cream (ex. the “potatoe rosti” i ate in Latvia), but the cheese, especially the parmigiano, is incorrect: just think that for make 50Kg of parmigiano are required 300L of milk!!! Is a little bit concentrated :)! Moreover, the cheese is made with the rennet that is extracted from the stomach of the veal… The veal eats usually vegetables or plants, so the rennet would react baldy to the fish! is like chocolate and onions!

  3. Hello, I made a seafood risotto and it was delicious. Just be sure to use seafood stock with your shrimp and scallops. I didn’t use any cream and it was the best. Hope this helps you. This is only my opinion. Take care.

  4. You haven’t actually explaiend how to cook the rice, th actual risotto rice, how much wine to add and when, how much stock and all the essential ideas in how to cook a risotto. You just went straight to the detail

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