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Watch how to make restaurant-style hash browns. Crispy and golden brown with a tender inside, these potatoes are the perfect side for eggs and bacon.






  1. OMG how does this channel not know how to make hash browns??? Wow.

    You have to boil potatoes refrigerate overnight peel grate season….. cook til crispy flipping once and your done.

  2. Don’t use russet potatoes and these are definitely not hashbrowns, shred the onions to have the same size as the potato to get that equal flavor in every bite.

  3. Damn I got the potato and onions mixed up. “Onion browns” I knew it tasted a little funny.  Oh well it was 2:30 in the morning and I was drunk

  4. They turn out looking good, thought I can’t judge how they might taste. All I know is you can make hash browns with nothing more that one or two potatoes, and a couple tablespoons of oil/butter, and they come out looking just like this, with a guaranteed taste, as long as you don’t burn them lol. All I see here is a way to have more expensive hash browns.

  5. i have never thought of put egg in with the potatoes. would this stay in fridge okay for a few days? it is unlikely i would be cooking that many browns for myself and i can’t easily cut a single egg in half.

  6. Thank you for your question, Joyce. The russet or baking potatoes are really the best for this recipe, but you can try other varieties if you wish – even sweet potatoes! Enjoy 🙂

  7. wtffff i tried this and wasn’t taste like a fucking hash brown. all i could taste was the onion. and the flour and egg made it somewhat like a potato pancake! wtfffff

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