How to Make Real Italian Spaghetti Gravy : Italian Dishes

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Real Italian spaghetti gravy is traditionally made by following just a few basic, easy to manage steps. Learn about how to make real Italian spaghetti gravy with help from the owner of a family Italian restaurant in this free video clip.

Expert: Clemenza Caserta
Bio: Clemenza Caserta started up a family Italian restaurant, Stuzzi, in Richmond, Virginia.
Filmmaker: Ashley Berkman

Series Description: You don’t have to know someone from Italy to bring authentic Italian flavors right into your own kitchen. Get the secret to making rich, delicious Italian dishes in your own home with help from the owner of a family Italian restaurant in this free video series.


  1. One more thing why i do not want this guy in my kitchen…i like to be precise. A “braciola” it’s the meat attached to the pork rib…it is cooked with the bone usually on bbq. It’s not a thin cut fillet steak of beef rolled with parmesan parsley or whatever…thats called “involtino” ….rolled up…and it’s usually veal and not beef….this guy doesn’t even know what is what..

  2. Unwatchable. Inedible. Unhealthy. Disgusting fatty dish…GRAVY SAUCE PASTA IT’S NOT…I REPEAT NOT A ITALIAN DISH…IT DOES NOT EXIST IN spaghetti meatball…chicken parmesan…caesar salad or pizza with pineapples. This is stuff for big fatty rubbish eaters like Americans…exactly like the chef on the video…
    In my kitchen this guy does not come in.Come to Italy and you will see real healthy simple italian food..
    Parola di italiano..word of a real italian.

  3. Awesome Job Sir ! Two thumbs up for your efforts towards keeping it as authentic as you can…. And not throwing in the towel for an easier job. God Bless You and give you life and health for your sacrifice.

  4. yo buoss, caman ova sunday, I’m makin da fuckin gravy, an oh yer um, I took care o dat ting for ya, we ball batted dos two sons a bitches,,,, you cun recognize em, I LOVE DEEZ FUCKIN GOOMBAS !!!!!!!

  5. if you prepare this as Clemenza does. The results are phenomenal.I add fresh oregano and of course san marzano plum tomatoes.I also add a little sugar. PLEASE disregard the rude pontifications you will be subjected too.

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