How To Make Protein Pancakes | High Protein, Healthy Carb, Low Fat Pancakes.

I wanted to share my protein pancake recipe with you all! I hope this helps anyone who needs recipe ideas, and isn’t enjoying their food as much! If you all want to see more videos like this, please let me know below! Thanks for all of the support.

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  1. So I’ve been watching your episodes,and do you think since I’m a beginner at the gym if it’s good to follow your workouts? Obviously not including the weight that you do but just the amount of workouts and sets?

  2. Hey shae, I really love your videos, they have inspired me so much, & I’ve been working really hard at the gym latley! I have a quick question though, I workout everyday, and I only do legs. Even when I’m sore, and I’m worried that instead of gaining muscle I’m gunna lose muscle instead, due to overworking. I remember you saying in one of your videos when you first started working out you only did legs, and that’s how you got results to quickly. That inspired me to do only legs everyday. Did you ever take a day off to rest? And how long was your gym sesh’s? Whatever you were doing it worked! I just want to know alittle more to make sure I don’t lose muscle instead. & also get results relatively quickly like yourself. Thanks!

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