How to Make Pasta Pomodoro : Italian Specialties

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Making pasta pomodoro is a lot more straightforward of a process than you might think. Find out how to make pasta pomodoro with help from a cookbook author and executive chef in this free video clip.

Expert: John Coletta
Filmmaker: Steve Voller

Series Description: You can make a variety of different authentic Italian dishes right in your very own home with the right ingredients and recipes. Get tips on how to make all sorts of Italian specialties with help from a cookbook author and executive chef in this free video series.


  1. As someone who has spent many years as an Italian chef, I can say that this recipe is pretty decent… He has most of the proper ingredients for Filetto Di Pomodoro, however, he omitted the parsley. Should have fresh chopped Italian parsley. I don’t mind the idea of the salt in the garlic or even removing the cloves, though I prefer to chop the garlic a bit smaller and leave it in. That being said, this guy’s actual kitchen techniques in terms of constructing the dish are shit. For instance… You should hand crush the tomatoes in a bowl and not make such a frikin’ mess. Also, why waste all that time scooping up tomatoes with a tiny spoon off of a flat cutting board? If you need to do that, use the flat of your knife and your hand to scoop it up in one shot. It’s little things like that which get a person fired from a kitchen. Lucky for him, he’s already an executive chef, so he can’t be fired for shoddy technique.

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