How to make Pasta dough & 5 Pasta Shapes feat. Gennaro Contaldo !

Video recipe on how to make fresh pasta at home with flour and eggs. Gennaro Contaldo, the italian stalion (and famous chef), is giving us his best tips to make homemade italian pasta. The names of the pasta are :
#1 Capelli d’angelo
#2 Tagliatelle
#3 Farfalle
#4 Pappardelle
#5 Maltagliati

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Artist : ProleteR
Album : “Curses EP” Bonus tracks
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  1. As descendant from an Italian family, I remember every time my mom used to make fresh homemade pasta, she froze the maltagliati and she did soup with those the day after we ate homemade pasta.

  2. It’s wonderful to see a common language helping us understand each other to learn all sort of things wherever we are from! And I’m referring not only to the cooks, but also to the thousands of viewers who have a different first language!

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