How to Make Italian Cream Cake Recipe + Frosting Recipe

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My grandma Barb makes a mean Italian Cream Cake and here is the recipe she uses. Of course I’ve adapted it juuuuust a teeny weeny bit (shhh..don’t tell her) but it still packs that good southern, old-fashioned flavor and bakes up moist and fluffy. Wanna know something? I’m not really a big fan of Italian Cream Cake but I adore this one and it gets rave reviews whenever I take it places.

Best of all it’s really easy to make and the flavor…that buttery-vanilla-coconut-pecan flavor is just heavenly!! Ok enough of me swooning over this cake, just got make it!!


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  1. I NEED HELP. Made this cake twice and the taste is AMAZING, but my cake isn’t fluffy and moist like yours in the inside. I follow ur recpie to the last point and it looks exactly the same, but something bad happens in the oven, lol. My cake batter is always soft in the middle of the cake and that’s why i bake it longer, but its still gooey, why 🙁

  2. As a request, can you make a bomb swiss roll cake inspired by the summer! Like a lemon blueberry or a lemon blackberry! I absolutely love your channel. I’ve told all of my family members about your work! It’s just fantastic! Very talented( tasty food too!)

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