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Watch how to make fresh pasta from scratch. This recipe requires no eggs, just semolina flour, a little salt, and warm water. It’s easy!

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  1. Regular semolina is really too coarse to make fine pasta which is why most recipes go 50/50 with white flour. If you want to make real Italian style pasta, use semola di grano duro (semolina rimacinata). The semolina is reground to a very fine flour. Amazon sells it under the Caputo brand name. You can probably get it cheaper from a store that deals in Italian products. Also, you should use cold water when working with semola to retain the elasticity and workability of the flour. When you roll out the dough you’ll note that it is very resistant to tearing at the thinner settings. Oh, and as for regular semolina, toss your pasta in it to keep it from sticking rather than regular flour. One final note, I use the dough hook of my stand mixture to form the dough ball. I add 2 cups of semola to the bowl along with about a tsp of salt. (I’m guessing since I just pour some into my palm.) With the speed set to stir I slowly add cold water to the flour until the dough pulls away from the sides. This cuts the knead time to about 5 minutes and minimizes “olio di gomito”.

  2. Dang this is a boring video. I would have slit my wrists while watching it except my sharp knives were in the dishwasher and a butter knife was too dull. It’s my own fault, though. If had I wanted a great video I should have watched one by Foodwishes or Gordon Ramsey. By the way, that dough is too soft. The cut strands of pasta that are rough and curled are caused by dough sticking to the rollers, indicating it is too sticky. It needs more flour kneaded in. More flour sprinkled on the sheet would help, too.

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