How To Make Egg Nog – Old-fashioned Egg Nog Recipe | Hilah Cooking

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How to make egg nog! Hard-core eggnog for real eggnog lovers only! Serve this like a dessert after Christmas dinner. Printable Egg Nog recipe card:
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  1. Ummm I’ll skip the medical bills…. I mean seriously why teach your viewers to not cook the eggs for eggnog eggnog requires milk heavy whipping cream and a stove to cook the eggs so you’re not getting poisoned

  2. If you’re Lactose intolerant…. skip the dairy
    If you’re Muslim…. skip the liquor
    If you have IBS… skip the nutmeg
    If you’re diabetic…. skip the sugar
    If you’re all those…. well…. just stick with the turkey


  3. I have a nog recipe that has been in my family since the mid 1800’s and want to use it to make some kind of cake. The nog taste like a bourbon milkshake. Could you give me some suggestions please.I want my children to be able to enjoy it too. Thanks for the video

  4. I will have to try this! I really miss eggnog during the non-Christmas season and my chickens produce more eggs than I can handle! So a little room for experimentation is available to make the perfect eggnog surprise!

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