How to Make Easy Pancakes

***PLEASE NOTE: USE 2 TEASPOONS OF BAKING POWDER in this recipe, NOT 2 tablespoons!***

Wake up right with pancakes made from scratch! Make any morning special when you make these top-rated homemade pancakes. From mixing bowl to plate, they take just 15 minutes to prepare! In this video, you’ll see how much batter to use per pancake and get tips for flipping your cakes at just the right time.

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  1. I need to learn how to make Pancakes again like use to I love Pancakes I love eating Pancakes when I eat Pancakes with syrup 🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Hey if you wanna make these on a weekday, the night before just pre measure all the dry ingredients in a bowl, and in the morning drop in your milk and egg, mix and go. The cakes’ll be ready before your coffee is!

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