How to make Black Rye Bread | Rye Bread Recipe

How to make Black Rye Bread. RECIPE HERE:
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Today I wanted to show you one of the easiest home made bread recipes ever. This rye bread (rupjmaize, rudzu maize) always has been a staple of Latvian diet. Traditionally, Latvians ate whatever was available during the season – cereals, legumes and root vegetables, meat and dairy. It is hard to make rye bread without specific ingredients, so this is the only recipe that worked and tasted just as amazing. This recipe makes one large loaf, but you can also make smaller ones if you wish. It takes time to make this recipe, but mainly due to waiting times of the dough being risen. The bread is crusty and soft inside, without proper storage I recommend you eat it within two days.

Rye and barley was available all year round thus becoming the most important source of subsistence (wheat was considered to be a delicacy). It was believed that while there was rye bread on the table, no one would go hungry. Good bread was the pride and joy of every hostess and no effort was spared when baking the bread.

Rye has been grown in Latvia for more than 1200 years, and rye bread became common more than a thousand years ago. Similarly to Scandinavian and Slavic traditions, rye bread was baked from leavened dough and it was considered to more nutritious and tastier than barley bread. In late 19th century sourdough bread gained popularity, but it was mainly baked for celebrations as it was more time consuming.

375 gr wholemeal rye flour
300 ml kefir ( you can also use buttermilk)
40 ml apple juice
2 tbs sugar
1/2 tbs salt
Instant yeast 7 gr
caraway seeds (optional)

Ржаной хлеб — традиционное дополнение к любому блюду. Его можно готовить на дрожжах или на закваске. Как мы все соскучились по качественному, натуральному, вкусному хлебу без добавок, улучшителей, ароматизаторов и т.п. А как пахнет дома, когда пекут хлеб. Очень вкусный, душистый хлеб. А если ломтики его засунуть в тостер, получаются почти печенья с похрустывающей корочкой, на которую так приятно намазывать мeд. Хочу предложить вашему вниманию рецепт ржаного хлеба, всегда получается просто великолепным.

375 г муки грубого помола
300 мл кефира
40 мл яблочного сока
2 столовые ложки сахара
1/2 столовой ложки соли
дрожжи 7 г
тмин (необязательно)


  1. Hey Alla!  I don’t have a mixer with a dough hook.  How long should you knead this by hand?  It looks so good that I will buy a mixer if you cant make it by hand.  Thanks.

  2. Умничка Аллочка сама хлеб испекла молодец!А на закваске пробовали я имею ввиду без дрожжей.

  3. Your recipe for Rye bread has arrived at the perfect time; I’m just 2 weeks into a _”low blood-sugar diet”._ Rye bread made from 100% rye flour is perfect for this. Others add normal wheat flour, and that’s not suitable. Thanks for uploading.

  4. Hi Alla,
    I love your channel and all your food, but in order to make the dough less sticky, would it change the texture of the bread to put more rye flour when you’re molding it?


  5. Orange peel would be yummy to add!!!! That was my mom’s secret ingredient in her rye bread….. darn now I’m gonna have to go pull the recipe  …… I’ll be adding the caraway to her recipe …… gonna give try your recipe as well …… Autumn perfect season to bake bread …. I can smell it already ….. Great Memories!!! ….. Thank You AYF;)

  6. Another winner, Alla! Next I knead (oops, not knead, need) your best recipe for a spinach-mushroom souffle! I fix one from time to time but the crust comes out a bit wobbly and needs some crunch! Looking forward!

  7. This looks delicious, I love good bread like that! It’s similar to many Swedish bread recipes. Just a simple bread. My grandmother makes breads like this!

  8. Oh man that bread toasted with a mountain of cheese 😢😧😧😧😢😢😢 a diet breaker I loveeeeee it … I am leaving in germany I cook my bread as pro I love german flour and breads .. ur bread result like pro

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