How to Make Biscotti – Recipe by Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 79

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  1. great video.. I also have a great and simple Biscotti recipe (and other awesome recipes).   go check it out @mixitupwithmackenzie on youtube

  2. Someone asked about ingredients, i noticed over 3 cups being mixed in and another viewer said 2 2/3 cup that’s not true at All not in this video she just made.

  3. This was the worst baking video I’v ever seen! I mean so unprofessional. The hair hanging..I even saw you throwing away your hairpiece one moment there..not surprised! The dough was so dry, you put too much flour, girl! And what was the point of mixing the nuts separately and then mixing it all together..there is no difference or point of mixing it all separately. Mixing the eggs for 2sec before putting them in the mixing ball…why? Why?
    Best of all was the last part where you put your hair the end when you already finished baking and probably found lots of hair in the biscotti. And finally the look of the biscotti was not yummy at all! White and dry! The list is too long and would probably take me whole day to write. So this was a big NO! Do not understand why people are following this vlogger!
    Visa mindre

  4. how much flour, how much sugar, how much bp, etc. you are not giving a recipe, the word “Some” doesn´t give you a quantity what do you mean by “flip and rotate”

  5. It’s not too much flour that will make the cookies tough (actually it’s the opposite — it tends to make them fall apart easier), but overmixing and kneading the dough — like she did in the video — will activate the gluten and make the cookies tough.

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