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Watch how to make this basic “can’t mess up, no matter what” quiche recipe. It either works as a great base for adding your favorite ingredients, or as a simple cheese quiche on it’s own. Ready in less than an hour!


  1. OH BOY. do I LOVE quiches, I put thyme in the pastry. Jacket potatoes and shepherds pie are also some of my favourite food, whoever said English food was bad? There is one thing however that I DON’T like, coriander. Coriander tastes like soap and blood and I HATE it.

  2. Hello, Allrecipes!
    So, in my ever enduring quest for making the not-so-healthy, healthy…can you use a carton of pre-seprated egg whites for this? Or is that just too blasphemous for this kind of thing? :]
    Thank you for your response in advance!

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