How to make an amazing KIMCHI, it’s vegan friendly and easy to make

There’s a reason Korea has been and still is so in love with this dish.
It’s a little sweet, a little sour, incredibly spicy and intensely tasty.

Our video of the week is all about kimchi
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  1. Your videos are very GOOD. They are straight to the point and easy to understand. Your voice is not annoying, I really appreciate videos without hype and over excitable people. Thanks also for simplifying the science. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi , this is Peggy again . Your recent reply to my comment solved a serious problem I
    have been having with my kimchi developing disgusting slime . After my kimchi was
    fermented to my liking and using it three or more times slime would
    develop and I would have to throw it out . Now when my kimchi is ready I put it into
    freezer bags and squeeze out all the air . Sure , I love the glass jars but oxygen gets in
    there and creates slime . Your explanation caused everything to make sense .

    Thank you

  3. I would like to also add that I discovered that if you allow this recipe to ferment for two or more weeks the taste is absolutely delicious & mature & different .

  4. I have read that your recipe for kimchi is not authentic kimchi . Well , I prefer your
    recipe because not only is it delicious but it doesn’t produce slime !!! The other
    Korean recipes I have tried all produce disgusting slime . Thank you very much for
    this recipe . I will be sure use it often .

  5. I made a batch of your recipe for kimchi and I loved it . My second batch however , has
    not fermented yet and there is no brine . What did I do wrong ? I did add a few additional things to the recipe .

  6. I’m not Korean, but I am Filipino, and Filipinos really love BBQ, every time I go to a Korean BBQ resturant, I love to cook my own BBQ, and I ALWAYS grab as much kimchi as I can.

  7. Is ‘two teaspoons of salt and excluding air’ really all you need to do to ensure fermentation rather than spoilage? It seems odd to leave perishable food at room temperature for a week… Also, you say “adding sugar” but you just mean the apple and pear, right? P.S. I was wondering how you cut onion like that without cutting your fingers – hope it didn’t sting too much 🙂

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