How To Make A Turducken.A Thanksgiving Special.TheScottReaProject

The most detailed video on,Making A Turducken. A chicken,in a duck,in a Turkey,layered with home-made pork,sage and onion stuffing.I show the whole process,up close and in detail.Then in the spirit of Giving thanks,i give it away for a great local cause/charity.Its a great thanksgiving/Christmas dinner table centre piece.And easier than you think.many thanks.

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  1. That was the most beautiful Turducken I’ve ever seen. I know it wasn’t easy giving it away. I want to see you cook it. I wanted to see you cut into it. PLEASE make another and you cook it and show us the inside. GOD BLESS.

  2. The turduckem  was in fact invented by Dickie Jones and his father back in seventy six.And also included  Rabbit. Believe it or not I would not not want any glory for it.Check out his vid on Youtube.  Arnbars

  3. Nice! I personally stuff the hollows of the thighs with pheasant, the first layer into the turkey stuffing,then the duck, then I fill the middle with sausage meat. I wrap the whole thing in streaky bacon and string it up. A great Xmas tradition for me, the only downside is these never carve too well,

  4. The turducken specifically may be from Louisiana, but stuffing birds with a bunch of other birds was a dish made for kings in the medieval period. Search ’10 bird feast’ and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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