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How to make a trifle for your Christmas (or anytime) dessert! A trifle is a super easy dessert with cake, whipped cream, fresh berries or fruit and nuts. This trifle is made with raspberries and pound cake. New cooking videos every Thursday! Subscribe to be notified when I release a new video!:
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The Trifle was one of my grandmother’s signature desserts. For as much as she loved to eat, she really did not enjoy cooking and rarely did it that I recall, except for gingerbread muffins, cinnamon toast, and this trifle, if you can call making a trifle “cooking”. It’s assembly, really; a combination of ready-made ingredients that comes together remarkably well. Most trifle recipes will use store-bought ladyfingers layered with custard, jam, sometimes nuts, and whipped cream. My grandmother always made hers with a frozen (and thawed, derp) Sara Lee poundcake, instant vanilla pudding, raspberry or strawberry jam, and CoolWhip. I’ve used poundcake here, but occasionally she also used angel food cake. You can use any of those cakey bits that you like.

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  1. Sherry’s great for this , or brandy or rum. Also, marmalade’s good if you feel like switching it up. I’ve done it with canned peaches with a little nutmeg and cinnamon, too. We also usually added bananas. No rules here… just whatever you have and whatever you like. Oh, ya…sliced strawberries!

  2. I make a cranberry trifle for Christmas. Did it for the first time a few years ago, and it got such raves that I’ve made it every years since. It’s also made with pound cake, but the ‘custard’ portion is made by beating cream cheese and whipping cream together. So easy, and it looks great, too. 

    Will have to try this one. Hubby LOVES raspberries.

  3. Nice one Hilah.  In Ireland we call it a sherry trifle and we did have some this Christmas.  However I think as you rightly say everyone has their own version.  Our family have always done it this way.  We put trifle sponge on the bottom, couple of shots of sherry soaked into the sponge, then a layer of fruit cocktail (any fruits you want really) followed by a layer of strawberry/raspberry jelly (you call it jello).  Once the jello sets (you can see fruit through it and it soaks a little into the sponge too but then sets.  Following that, you put a layer of custard and then pipe cream on top with chocolate shavings sprinkled on top or hundreds and thousands if for kids – leave out the sherry though 🙂 Gorgeous and so easy to make

  4. When the chocolate layer cake that I was making for my staff Christmas potluck fell apart coming out of the pan, this video inspired me to make it into a trifle. I used bourbon, though. LOL.

  5. oh this looks scrumptious! ! !  Dude, I have one word for ya… C H A M B O R D ! ! !
    are you with me???  That would be sooo good on this !
    Cheers , Im digg’n this series!

  6. Yes! I love a good trifle. In Australia we do love them. Usually we make with sponge, never tried with lady fingers or pound cake, but the pound cake seems like it would be awesome! And ALWAYS make it the day before so all the flavours settle and the booze soaks up. Trust me. It’s soooooo good.

  7. To cheaply extend this to create more servings use chunks of Jelly/Jello that has been made with just slightly less water than recommended (a little firmer).  The jelly + cake + custard textures are awesome.

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