How To Make A-MAZING Jerk Chicken

Learn how to spatchcock a chicken before flavouring it up for this cracking Jamaican jerk dish. It’s fiery. It’s tasty. It belongs on your dinner table.

Get the recipe:

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  1. The reason for the rice and peas is becuse originaly it was peas i cant remember what the peas were called but they left a unappitising colour and the flavour was better with kidney peas the only way i know is becuse i used to work at a jmacan restruant and the head chef was jamacan

  2. Jamaican approved. Great job guys!!!

    In Jamaica, we call kidney beans red peas. So if you show a Jamaican some kidney beans and asked them to tell you what it was, they’d call it Red Peas.

  3. chicken…I like cajun style chicken etouffee. its chicken (usually thighs) braised in a sauce made from chicken stock, white wine, creole mirepoix, creole roux (equal parts fat and flour cooked stove top for half an hour until it looks like a reesee’s peanutbutter cup) (onions, carrot, bell peppers, garlic, parsley) and cajun seasoning (smoked paprika, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, basil, oregano) and bay leaves. sear the thighs in oil, and finish by braising on the stove top for half an hour or until done.

  4. Ben is forgetting his nutrition classes in uni… or maybe he skipped the vegetarian classes. lol Every time legumes like beans, lentils, and peanuts are combined with grains like wheat, rice, and corn, a complete protein is born. Nutritionally this dish is protein on protein… That’s ok Ben, you make up for it with the Benuendos!

  5. My family has a chicken-curry-recipe which uses chickenbreast usually, but you can use what ever meat you like with it. Because my last name translates to gift from heaven, I call it the curry gifted from heaven. And here is the recipe:


    1x big can of corn (ca. 200g)
    1x big can of peas ( ca 200g)
    8x carottes or more
    1x small package of sesame-seeds
    1x small package of pinenuts
    1x small package of cashewnuts
    1x small package of sunflowerseeds
    1x bundle fresh coriander
    1x bundle of fresh mint
    1x bundle of fresh chive
    1x half cup of limejuice
    1x glas of dryed tomatos
    500ml of sieved or blended tomatos
    10 cherry tomatos or 6 big ones
    Tomato paste
    150g or one steak per person of meat of your choice (you have to dice it up anyway)
    1-2 cups of Basmatirice
    2 bell peppers red AND yellow
    90g of black olives
    3x red onions
    Walnut- or Sesame- or Mustard- or Canolaoil
    250ml Joghurt
    1-2 packages parmesan
    4x Tablespoons of mustard
    8-10 chillis of your choice

    As powder (about 8-10 Tablespoons. I actually never measured it):

    Black Pepper
    Cayenne Pepper
    Red AND yellow Curry
    Nutmeg (ONLY 5 Tablespoons max)


    Cheese to make a casserole

    How to cook:

    1. Dice up meat, onions, 8 tomatos and the bell peppers. Cut the carottes into finger long stripes. Hack up the bundles of herbs. Prepare the spice powders in a bowl (mix it good). Put in the meat and coat every dice of meat with spices. Put the spiced meat into a bowl with prepared peanutoil and honey mix. Then coat all that with parmesan and sesame seeds. Put it into a fridge for an hour. Longer would be tastier.

    2. Grind up the cashews roughly. Melt some herbbutter in a pan and fry up the onions with a bit of honey on middle heat until onions are slightly brown. Turn down to little flame and fry the pinenuts, cashews and sunflower seeds until brown. Mix in half a bundle of fresh coriander, chive and mint into the pan and let it simer for five minutes. Take it out of the pan.

    3. Dice up the dryed tomatos, black olives and chillis. Heat up the oil that is not peanut oil in a pan and fry the meat with a bit of tomato paste. Remove meat but keep the juice in the pan and add mustard. Cook the bellpeppers, tomatos and chillis for ten minutes and add three table spoons of joghurt. Add the sieved and the dryed tomatos and cook it until it bubbles slightly, then put in the carottes, peas, corn and olives. You have to mix it constantly for 10-20 minutes on small flame (depends on how bity you want the carottes). Put in the meat. Turn off the stove and mix in the nutmix from step two into it. Let it stay for about five minutes. (If making it as a casserole DON’T put in the meat.)

    4. Cook the rice like you normally would. Remove the water and put the rice into a bowl. Add the second half of the mint, coriander and chive bundles and a bit of yellow currypowder to the rice. Mix it and drizzle limejuice over it.

    5. When doing the casserole. Put the casserole platethingy into a bath of warm water and let the herbbutter melt, so you can put it all around the casserole thingy. Meaning, there should be butter on the inside of the baking bowl (?) floor and edges. Put in the rice until it coats the floor. Drop the meat over the rice until the rice is covered. Add the sauce and drizzle grated cheese over it and bake it on a preheated oven (200°C, You maybe have to convert that) for twenty to thirty minutes or until cheese is sufficant brown.

    I hope you will make a video on how you guys cook it. Thanks for the insperation and greetings from Germany.

  6. I thought jerk was in reference to smoking the meat in order to preserve it. Like what Americans call a jerky. Jerk chicken isn’t really made like that now but in the old days it was meat hung high over a pit fire, smoked in a shed for a few days.

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