How To Decorate Christmas Cookies

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Here you will find the rest of the supplies you’ll need for this project.

For this project you will need to make Gingerbread cookies, and you can find my recipe here:

👉🏻 My Royal Icing Recipe:

• Round cookie cutters
• 12″ Decorating bags
• Couplers
• Icing bag ties
• Round tip #2
• Round tip #3
• Stick N stay stencils from Wilton
• Offset spatula
• Wilton Color Right System
• Gold color mist
• Decorating brush
• Antique gold crystallized pearl dust
• Neon edible ink marker
• Scribe tool

• White, blue & fuchsia medium and flood consistency Royal Icing

Fuchsia= For every 2 cups of royal icing, use 4 drops of blue and 8-10 drops of pink color.

Royal Blue= For every 2 cups of royal icing, use 1 drop of black and 8-10 drops of blue color.

To learn more about royal icing consistencies go to the link:

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