How To Cook Scallops. Best Scallops Recipe.TheScottReaProject.

Cooking Perfect Scallops.Fresh Pan Seared Scallops,served on Black pudding ,with a pea puree and crispy pancetta,cooks in under 25 minutes,and looks stunning on the plate.Easy Scallop Recipe.Please SUBSCRIBE to TheScottReaProject as i release a new video everyweek,many thanks.
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  1. Are you a professional chef? I just bough scallops from my local fish monger today to try for the first time. He said to try it with black pudding as well like you’ve done. I’m not too fussed on peas, so I’ll have mashed potatoes instead. If you were to go to a classy restaurant & order what you’ve cooked or something similar, that would cost you well over £20.

    I picked up some dressed crab as well today, some salmon stakes, fish cakes as well. I was just over a tenner to eat healthy when I’m on a budget. If you know the right places to go & you’re on a budget, you could eat healthy at the fish mangers cheaply, they do you deals as well.

    He threw in a handful of the smaller scallops for free as well today as I’ve never tried them. I’m just looking at getting better at cooking my own meals instead of ready meals myself. I find ready meals boring, I’ve been impressed by my local fish market.

    I’ve learned a lot from watching your video to cook scallops. I’ll just be having one, my stomach is small, I like smaller portions. That didn’t take long at all what you rustled up there. All the best.

  2. Hi mate, have you noticed that when you started there were no adverts, then a 10 second one, then a 20 second one and now a 30 second one for a major producer of sparkling water ?? Say no more Scott!! Geoff in the Staffs Moorlands.

  3. Wow. Here I sit watching you make a fabulous dish, and I am pondering warming up left over McDonald’s from lunch today. I am so depressed…

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