How to cook italian sausage – SIMPLE AND JUICY!

Sick of dry sausage? Here is a simple recipe to keep it juicy and yummy.

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Vegetable Oil


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  1. I sautee without oil and a teeny bit of water and vinegar. Then when done, boil in salt water for up to a minute or so then drain and dry on kitchen paper. Non-aggravated sausage.

  2. Just to let you know; great idea, best sausage I ever had, but I needed to add some water to the pan to steam them on a low heat. Just cut one in half to see if they are done. Mine took longer.

  3. Thumbed down for saying “cook for a few minutes”, what the hell is a few minutes. Can’t stand when cooking instructions aren’t 100% clear and thorough. Ugh…

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