How to cook a full English Breakfast

Bacon, sausages, eggs, nushrooms, black pudding, fried bead and tomatoes make up our ideal full English Breakfast.


  1. Thanks for this, really informative! Could you do a recipe for cheese on toast? I’m curious as to whether to toast both sides of the bread and then melt cheese onto one side, or whether to toast one side under a grill, and then melt cheese onto the other side, thereby toasting the parts of that side that are not covered by cheese. Also, I would like to know which of these methods is the quickest, thank you.

  2. (I haven’t seen your more recent videos so disregard this if you already have, but) You should invest in a tripod so you can angle it down onto what you’re cooking. Otherwise we’d just have to take your word on what it looks like.

  3. We have a similar breakfast in America but typically without the beans, mushrooms or tomato. I like to add sauted onion and mushroom to my homemade hashbrowns.I’ll give tomato a try.

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