Homemade McD’s Egg McMuffins – How to Make Your Own McMuffin

Learn how to make your very own egg McMuffins right at home! These are super easy to make and I’ll even show you how to make the eggs without egg rings! Make up a dozen and freeze them to have throughout the week. You can use bacon, sausage or Canadian bacon on these. Make them your way!

For make-shift egg rings, you can use WIDE mouth canning jar rings, cookie cutters, biscuit cutters, Dole pineapple tidbits cans with the bottoms cut off or you can use egg rings if you have them. Anything round, that sits flat and is 3″ to 3-1/2″ in diameter.

To freeze for later, wrap in waxed paper and put into a zip top bag and freeze. When you want one, leave in the waxed paper and microwave for 1-2 minutes or until heated through. Sandwich WILL be hot! Enjoy!

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  1. Man,
    It’s the best when the egg is sunny side up, so when you bite into it the yolk just drips down your chin, just that great morning feeling
    Use lean ham, it’s great
    Toast up the English muffin, but don’t over do it. Only to the point where it’s kind of crunch and not all soft
    But what sells it off is the jam or jelly to put inside.
    The result?

  2. I work at an A&W up in Canada, fun little tip, keep the cover on the eggs as they cook for about 2 minutes 45 seconds
    Even on a conventional grill it should be cooked all the way through with minimal flipping

  3. These turned out wonderful. I happened to have the canning jar rings too. Very clever! From now on that’s how I’ll make it. I don’t have a griddle but worked fine in my skillet too.

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