Homemade Italian Dressing, Italian Dressing Recipe – Homemade Italian Dressing Mix

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Homemade Italian Dressing, Italian Dressing Recipe – Homemade Italian Dressing Mix
I love salads. One of the simplest side dishes around is a tossed salad – and they’re so easy to mix up and change around by using whichever leafy greens are in season and by changing up the dressings. Italian dressing is one of our family’s favorites – but we really don’t like either the chemical taste or the strange pasty texture of bottled dressing – even the ‘good’ brands aren’t quite right.
Homemade Italian dressing is so easy and so much more delicious than the bottled kind. It takes only moments to mix up and it’s just as easy to prep the Italian dressing mix and stash it in the cupboard for nearly instant dressing any time you need it. With just a handful of dried herbs and spices, you can make your own homemade Italian dressing mix and whip it out anytime you need it. Check out this quick video and see just how simple and delicious it it!

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  1. People don’t understand that “Italian-American cuisine”, IS NOT “Italian cuisine” American Bullshit not an italian dressing extra virgin olive oil • red wine vinegar or white vinegar or balsamic vinegar• sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. SO SIMPLE! You tray to make SOUSE????

  2. Great video ! but what is the red stuff floating in the store brand. it looks like pimiento or dice tomato if so when should I add it ? thanks God bless Ken.

  3. Mrs. Charles you should be on TV Food Channel. I would absolutely watch. I luv your recipes and you are dang sweet!!!! PS…. Of course I did Subscribe. You are so down Home and just a normal Lady….

  4. I made it and you were so right on. Thank You very much. I don’t want to serve my Family all that bottled stuff either…. 🙂
    I did add a dash of lemon, just my liking 🙂

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