Homemade Granola Recipe with Mango Lassi – Easy, quick breakfast! #spon

We need more options for a grab and go breakfast in life. Say hey to the mango lassi yogurt pot! We use spices and a homemade granola recipe to spruce up some basic fruit & yogurt ingredients to give you energy throughout the morning.

Get the recipe: http://bit.ly/MangoLassiPots

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  1. hmmm… i don’t add egg whites in my granola… i just add a pinch of salt and that helps it dry off and crunch up. OOh and add cacao powder to the honey mixture, with some vanilla. Then add coconut shavings and chocolate chips after it’s cold : P

  2. Hi guys,

    It’s Annette from the USA and I just wanted to know what your favorite 4th of July desert recipe is and how to make it?
    Thanks for the great videos and keep ’em coming. Also keep up the great work!! 😎!!

  3. how can you save egg yolks? can you really just toss them in a bowl and in the fridge (probably covered)? I’ve never done that before but sometimes when I just use whites I feel bad for wasting food.

  4. Quick tip – store them separately! I made the mistake of keeping the granola on top of the yogurt in those mason jars, in the fridge, and by the next morning they were so soggy! I’m sure it’s common sense, but..

  5. This is honestly the best granola recipe I’ve ever used. The egg white manages to make the granola ridiculously crisp without all the oil, butter, and/or sugar other recipes require. Thanks!

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