Home Made German Sausage & Sauerkraut || Dinner Ideas!

This Week Nana Makes Home Made German Sausage with Coleslaw. This is a great quick home made meal!

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  1. HA!  I just made kraut and sausage tonight to take to a reunions tomorrow.  You will love that NuWave once you get used to it.  I was able to can tomatoes again, after 5 years of doing without.  Using the Nuwave on the table mad the cooking and canning pots lower, so I could lift jars in and out without so much shoulder pain.  I use mine now year around and it has cut out propane gas consumption drastically during canning season.

  2. hi, love German sausage. My wife is from Michigan and has a German and Polish background so we cook a few traditional dishes. Your comment on the crispy Bacon reminded me of our visits back to the US, I notice that most of your Pork is sold without skin, here in Australia and Europe it is sold with the skin. I found that hard to get used as I missed the crackling flavor of the meat. Many thanks

  3. Hi! I finally got laser surgery in my left eye Friday and it looks like I am done with the Fuchs corneal dystrophy. Did your husband get prescription glasses to help with the close vision? For me it was the cataract surgery that revealed my problem. It has been an ordeal for the last 2 years. It’s great to be back in the kitchen. I am going to try your recipe of the sauerkraut. I usually do the Alsace recipe. I have added a new tool in my kitchen: the electric pressure cooker called Instant Pot. Since I could not see to use the stove or microwave it’s was very useful so we could have vegetables in our diet. I have had a stove top pressure cooker for years but I burnt things since I could not see the numbers well enough. I like the electric version so I run no risk of burning anything. For Christmas I got a kitchen Gizmo. It is a sous vide gadget! It’s like an aquarium water heater but oversize. You vacuum pack things like steak and put in the warm temperature. The water warms and circulate. If you want steaks that are medium rare you set the temperature for 132 degrees. It has a timer so when you first start it you decide how long to live it in. It depends on the food. Steaks are 2 hours…..when it’s perfectly done you can either sear right away on the stove or BBQ quickly. I did it yesterday and it was perfect. I am going to try to make eggs Benedict with hollandaise Sauce. Apparently you just put the eggs in the water to cook them to that soft boiled stage. Then you make the sauce by putting the ingredients in a ziplock bag and setting the temperature needed and apparently it will produce a perfect Hollandaise sauce. I think it’s exciting. Scientific!

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