HIGH PROTEIN Vegan Smoothie Recipe

High protein vegan smoothie recipe – If you’re a vegan its just as important to consume protein however it can be more challenging. This is a very simple and DELICIOUS high protein smoothie recipe.

1 cup almond or cashew milk
1/4 cup of water
2 TBSP of avocado
1 scoop of vegan (or non vegan) protein powder
2 TBSP plus 1 TSP of hemp hearts
12 TSP ground cinnamon
1 frozen banana
1/4 cup blueberries
1 TBSP coconut oil
1 TSP maple syrup
1 or 2 ice cubes optional

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  1. Hey There I am new to your channel. Yummmmm looks so delish. I been trying some veggie smoothie detox juices. I like them but I feel that I if I add oatmeal just a tablespoon it will be too thick. This is will set try ❤❤❤❤

    Thank you for sharing 😊 I can’t wait to see more of your videos.

    Feel free to check out my channel and be part of my fam.

    You have a New subbie and supporter right here ❤

  2. still yet to find a decent vegan protein powder but will check out that if its available near me ps cashew milk wins!!hands down all the time

  3. I don’t have much avocado! Or do I eat much I may try and make myself like it ahhah! Great smoothie recipe:) my girlfriend might love this!

  4. Yummmm! Avocado changes the smoothie game! makes it so much thicker and smoother!🙌🏻🙌🏻 Yes we have the same schedule almost aha! enjoyed this girl! will be trying out this smoothie <33

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