HIGH Protein Vegan Recipes – Vegan Athlete Case Study

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This is typically what I am eating currently to achieve my macronutrient and calorie goals.

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  1. Fantastic video, thanks for sharing! I think Garden of Life protein powders are better than Vega – made from a broad range of sprouted ancient grains instead of just peas and rice and less sugar.

  2. I’m no expert but I think claiming the meals are 4 ingredients or less is way off when the “ingredients” are processed foods. I’m just nit picking. 4 items would be less of a false statement.

  3. I’ve been contemplating going vegan for a few months now because I was afraid of not getting enough protein to continue building and maintaining my muscle. But you sir have showed me it is possible to get an adequate amount of protein! Thank you

  4. I do way cheaper than Vega and just as tasty with just as much protein and nutrition. I tend to Mentor new vegans as I’m a physician with a PhD in nutrition science.

  5. If sprouted bread is not a requirement for you then you should try Dave’s Killer Bread 21 seed. If you can afford it. I can get two loaves at Sam’s Club for $7 which is about the same price as a decent loaf of bread in the grocery store. The grocery store tends to charge around 5 bucks a loaf.

  6. you want blueprint check 4th link,, i shared these like mad for 5 weeks now 6th (took me over 4 weeks putting dem together too)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJvrlwnEqbs Perils Of Dairy
    What I Wish Someone Had Told Me In Medical School
    James Aspey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHOcox2lvQo

  7. Way too much sodium and way too many preservatives and way too many expensive fake meats! And I’m a little concerned the protein powders may be isolated using harsh chemicals….. I suggest you eat more whole foods and find recipes to replicate those fake meats without the preservatives and sodium… Good easy meal ideas though, if you fix those issues…

  8. I honestly can’t be Vegan 100% of the time. I get headaches and feel malaise after an extended period of time, but trying Vegan out has helped my eating habits and I am eating more fruits, grains, and vegetables than dairy and meat.

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