High Protein Breakfast for Fat loss and Muscle gain

Quick and Easy Recipe for breakfast as we generally do not have much time in the morning to prepare our breakfast.
This is customized Oatmeal along with Boiled Eggs. It is an easy , healthy and tasty meal.
All the ingredients used are highly nutritional and are ideal to be consumed in breakfast.
Ingredients used:

Natural Quaker Oats (40 g)
Low Fat Milk (1 glass (approx 250 ml)
Almonds (10-12 nos.)
Walnuts (1 no.)
Flax seeds (1 teaspoon)
Raisins (6-7 nos.)
Banana (1 medium sized)
Hard Boiled eggs (2 nos.)
Cinnamon (a pinch)

You can customize this meal in your own way.
you can replace oats with whole wheat or any other whole grain porridge .
You can add other nuts like
Cashews, Peanuts etc.

You can your choice of fruit like
An Apple
A Mango
A Papaya etc.

If you are lactose intolerant, you can replace Diary milk with Almond milk or Soy Milk etc.
In place of milk you can even use Yogurt.

You can even add a few egg whites in the form of boiled egg whites or an omelette.

It is a very easy and quick recipe. However, if you have no time in the morning to spare then you can even make this recipe a night before and refrigerate it. Have it the next morning.

Try the recipe and let me know if you liked it.

Music Credits : Retro Vision by NCB

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