HIGH PROTEIN Breakfast for Bodybuilders | LOW CARB Indian simple breakfast

HIGH PROTEIN Breakfast recipes | HIGH PROTEIN breakfast for Indians

Watch the video here – https://youtu.be/uhdEDUntTrU

This High Protein Breakfast is for everyone who is looking for a idea to get in enough protein for breakfast. This is a perfect meal pre workout because it has got enough of carbs and proteins for breakfast. This is especially good for my indian fitness friends. Ive been getting this question a lot therefore here is a high protein breakfast for indians. Make sure you add proteins or carbohydrates according to your current fitness goal be it high protein or low carb.
This recipe also fits perfectly to the indian diet and indian cuisine. Indians this is the best high protein recipe for indians out there ! let me know what you think !

50 grams Oats: 30g Carbs 4g Fat 7g Protein
5 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Cooking: 5g Fat
3 Large Whole Eggs: 2g Carbs 11g Fat 24g Protein
Tomatoe : 5g Carbs 1g ProteinChicken breast : 7g Protein
Cheese : 6g Fat 10g Protein

650 Calories
35 grams Carbs
34 grams Fat
50 grams Protein


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