Heavenly Chocolate Mousse Recipe – Holidays Special – CookingWithAlia – Episode 288

Dark chocolate mousse is definitely one of my favorite desserts! Creamy, airy, chocolaty… the perfect dessert for a holiday dinner! It’s so easy to make that you can learn it in this “1 minute” video!!!
OOPS – I missed the shot when I added the sugar. So add the sugar in the egg whites when they become fluffy and continue beating until they get firm white peaks.
WRITTEN RECIPE: http://goo.gl/RemMWA
6 oz (175 grams) dark chocolate (60-70% cocoa content)
1/3 cup (8 cl) milk
2 tablespoons (24 grams) white granulated sugar
4 egg whites (large eggs)
1 egg yolk (large egg)
A pinch of salt


  1. This is exactly the way my granny and mom always made it. Very few people I’ve met who follow this simple and efficient recipe. Thanks to op!

  2. Wonderful recipe! It tastes so good!! Thanks a lot for sharing with us! By the way, do you think I could add flavorless gelatin to make it more consistent?

  3. Half of your video is just you gabbing nonstop in front of the camera about some bullshit. I thought this was suppose to be a recipe to make chocolate mousse

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