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  1. 😕 Now this is the most strange version of compote I’ve ever seen. We always cook the apples in water with spices to get a compote.
    Anyway thx for the inspiration, I’ll try at least it out 😉

  2. i just had the compote and it was wonderful!! it’s just like applesauce and i added peanut butter instead 🙂 ive been having apples, pears, and dates chopped up everyday for breakfast because you feel so good after so i had to try this! thank you

  3. Yovana! How come the coconut water is pink? It looks like rose water! I’ve seen in videos before with pink or slightly purple coconut water and I wonder why? 💖

  4. I’m going to try all three!!! we have apple, pear, peach and plumb trees and we grew pumpkins this year as well. looking forward to rotating these into my diet. thank you 🙂

  5. Can you please tell me where you found those big glass mason jars with the handle that you used for the second recipe, the smoothie recipe? I have been looking for these exact mugs for years and I just can’t find them anywhere, I just find the smaller size like 16oz. or the 24oz. yours looks like it’s a 32oz. am I right or not? But, please, please let me know, you would help me so much if you would just take a minute of your time to repy, I would really appreciate it and forever be thankful.

  6. You look lovely in that colour! I thought you were going to chop up the pumpkin and put it in! But instead you put the pumpkin ‘guts’ and seeds in?! 😱 how does that compare in flavor?

  7. You really shouldn’t eat apple seeds as they contain cyanide. it’s just as easy to remove the core than to eat it. Just looking out for yours and everyone else’s health 🙂

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