Healthy Oats for Breakfast – Mrs Vahchef

Oats are a cereal commonly eaten in the form of oatmeal
Oatmeal is one of the healthiest foods you can eat for breakfast.
Description: Oats are healthy and nutritious! Oats is a wonderful powerhouse of nutrition and awesomely delicious breakfast with great goodness and health benefits. This breakfast recipe is very quick and yummy with the combination of milk, honey, banana, corn flakes and other fruits.

Oats 1 cup
Milk 1 cup
Honey 2-3 tsp
Dates ½ cup
Banana 1
Corn flakes ½ cup

Method :
Heat water in a hot vessel and add oats in that and cook for a minute.
Take it in a serving bowl and add milk, honey, dates, banana slices, and corn flakes.
You can also add chocos and different fruits in it as per your taste.


  1. Ugh I don’t like when people are so dramatic because of her accent and/or her talking about her husband. Like tf? Chill out she still took her time to gave you the recipe, and she’s clearly passionate doing this for her family and the audience.

  2. That is not weight loss recipe, its weight again recipe.. when you add honey with milk and toppings like banana also too much.. to lose weight take oats with milk with no sugar just add one banana.. definitely you will lose weight ..

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