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From the BeerBiceps Keto Recipes playlist, comes an italian style grilled fish recipe. I bring you the Indian italian food debut of the Italian grilled pomfret fish. India, Italian food isn’t only about pastas and pizzas.

Also this is a super easy italian recipe, mind you. Easy Italian KETO recipe, let me correct that. AND Italian keto cooking has never been this delicious. India get ready for the latest ketogenic friendly foods – slightly greasy grilled pomfret. Keto diet meal plan India – this is the dish for you. Keto cooking has never been more fun.

And ketogenic friendly foods have never been sexier. Also, made in india 🙂

Whether this goes in your Italian dinner recipes or Italian lunch recipes or just healthy italian recipes, this is where its at.
Healthy Italian food has never been better. Bringing you my keto friendly healthy italian recipes.


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  1. The whole of north Italy hates garlic like crazy,people won’t come closer to you if u have garlic.Only in south italy like naples and sicily,due to some influence of portuguese and other cultures ,people use garlic.But trust me,no Italian would linger around you if you use garlic while cooking..

  2. Love to watch your cooking videos! I learnt a lot in the last few days. Thanks so much for sharing all the information,tips and shortcuts about cooking. Can u tell me the brand of the oven you are using?

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