Healthy Coconut Candy Bars (Vegan, Paleo)

Learn how to make my no-bake Healthy Coconut Candy Bars and also homemade Coconut Butter to save you money. These are the most delicious and healthy treat! They have an amazing texture and flavor, and are free of nuts, dairy, and gluten which makes them both Paleo and Vegan friendly.

Written recipe here:

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  1. Hi Adriana: Gut pathogens hate anything coconut, especially shredded coconut. This is the keto snack/fat bomb that will serve more than one purpose. Thank you.

  2. Hi Adriana, just wondering what particular brand of the blender / food processor do you usually us to make your beautiful raw desserts and bliss balls. I’m about to replace my old blender and really would love to get a good one! Thank you very much. Lots of love from Australia 🇦🇺

  3. Hi Adriana, fantastic recipe! What could I use instead of choc chips? I can’t get any ‘paleo’ version or healthy version near me. Are nuts a good option? If so, coarsely chopped? Thanks! Keep posting videos, I love them!!

  4. thanks a lot for this recipe. I tried it today it turned out very yummy. I just substitute the chocolate chips with honey. I also loved many of your other recipes

  5. Hello – new subscriber here! This caught my eye while viewing a different recipe, and I am impressed with the clarity and simplicity of the directions and the healthy ingredients! I am Paleo, and rarely crave sweets, so it is lovely to find a recipe that includes only ingredients and equipment I generally have on hand for those occasional cravings. Mmmm – coconut and chocolate!!! 😉

  6. muito bom… mas carioca, faça um audio em portugues ..coloque por cima desse video..e crie um canal em portugues…vai bombar…ta uma moda muito grande aqui de LC-Paleo aqui

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