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Butternut Squash Soup and Overnight Oats! Super healthy and vegan!

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  1. Those flax seeds are going right through you with no nutritional benefit all they are is a laxative in that form! What is an anybody do any independent research? Last time I checked Google was free. A meal is considered 500 calories anything less than that is considered a snack.

  2. You will get no nutrition from flax seeds other than it will help you go to the bathroom. It must be flax meal for your body to get the nutrients and the omega-3 fatty acids as your body cannot break down those seeds. Elizabeth MD PhD nutrition science and vegan.

  3. Found your channel last month & forgot to subscribe. Just found you guys again & am excited to see you’re branching out to include ways to save with meals! My tip for you is to try Better Than Bouillon (mix w/ water) to cut costs & calories on milk & broths in recipes, the flavoring is a major plus too! It comes in vegetable, chicken, & beef. They also come in organic & low sodium & there’s vegetarian versions w/ no chicken or beef! It’s great that you can control how much or little you need so you won’t have to worry about leftover broth. I buy it from Von’s, but I’ve seen it cheaper at my Walmart supercenter.
    So excited to be learning from your debt free journey!

  4. Oh lady! You’re scaring me cutting that squash… If you don’t have a cutting board that stays still– put a cloth towel (dish towel) underneath your cutting board. That will hold the board in place and you won’t worry about slipping and cutting yourself. : )
    Good on you to get that butternut squash cut though– those are tough little suckers.

  5. Soy milk and agave not so healthy. Soy is high in estrogen. Agave, you might as well use white sugar. If you can’t have cows milk, coconut milk is a wonderful alternative. Coconut palm sugar is a better alternative to agave.

  6. My tips: for a soup like this, you can roast the squash the cut in half and then scoop the insides out into the blender. Much less work. For a recipe where you want cubes (like if you were going to put them on a salad or something) just remove the stem at the top and the button at the bottom but don’t bother to peel it. You’ll save a lot of time and the skin cooks down so you can barely notice it. And you can totally add veggie broth that would be great!

  7. You could make a chia pudding, too. And the flax seed could be used as Flax eggs in baking.. Love how you guys eat healthier..if you remember I had asked you in the very beginning why you have so little veg and fruit..

  8. I’m right with you guys in the kitchen. Cooking is not my favorite thing to do, although my family always makes me feel good & brags on it. But you all had me laughing when you said this is not Rachel Ray’s kitchen. Lol. Do you all watch the channel Margaret Bieler? That’s what she does on her channel is cook. And shows it pretty much step by step. I like that. 😉

  9. Don’t seed the squash first. cut it in half the other way across the horizontal direction at were the skinny part meets the fat part. Cut off ends so to is flat on the top and bottom of both pieces. sit price with cut side on cutting board and in top. It will be more sturdy for you to use your chef knife to peel. Bottom part where seeds are will need cut in half after you peel it the same way as the top. This time cut top to bottom ( vertical) and then scoop out the seeds. And then cut to chunks. If you ever want butternut puree instead of chunks you can cut in half the way you did don’t peel, scoop out seeds. put cut side down in a casserole with some water… maybe a half inch. poke outer skin with fork a couple times and bake in oven covered. it will steam it. you can also use this method for other squashes like acorn.

  10. I was just making pumpkin soup tonight (I make it once a month) and I always think there’s got to be an easier way to remove the skin lol it’s one of the hardest jobs in the kitchen! I don’t roast my pumpkin first so I gotta remove the skin with a knife.

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