Healthy breakfast recipe for winters – protein rich diet to lose weight quickly

heya.. sharing another amazing recipe for weightloss in winters. this recipe is so yummy in taste and still helps u in losing weight. u can lose upto 10 kg by just eating healthy. follow my winter diet plan for amazing results.


  1. You recipe measurement can make up to 3 chillas, but surprisingly I was filled in just 2of them… Nice dish to keep a check on the calories intake.. and my daughter can easily prepare it in her hostel too….plz do share such low calorie recipe…. thanks once again.😘

  2. You are my role model for how to loose weight.Your all videos are too good.I just suggest plz share more than 2 or 3 recepies in a video and make your videos fast.I am eagerly waitingfor your videos.Thankx for sharing such kind of videos.

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