Healthy Breakfast Myths Debunked Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Weight Loss Tips

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Healthy Breakfast Myths Debunked – Healthy Breakfast Ideas & Weight Loss Tips

In this video Corrina discusses how to eat a healthy breakfast and debunks some of the most common nutrition myths about breakfast.

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  1. i actually used to feel terrible when my cousin used to be filled on one cup of fruit loops and i had to eat like 4 cups to be filled. now ik its cause this isnt real food.!

  2. Not all Greek Yogurt is low fat. I agree with most of what you say, especially avoiding low or no fat foods, processed foods, and artificial sweeteners, et all. Definitely avoid the packaged meats. However, I would not advise anyone to replace meat protein with vegetable. Meat is more complete and avoiding meats leads to MS and other neurological diseases. Thank you for speaking the TRUTH about eggs and fats!!!! Thumbs up and sub’d on that basis alone.

  3. Really informative and enlightening video. I think the epitomy of achieving and maintaining a good physical condition as far as nutrition is concerned, lies in consuming raw, unprocessed sources of nutrients, in this way providing your body with high quality materials to function properly and look good. 🙂

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