Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

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Recipe Details :: Healthy Breakfast Ideas!

Recipe 1: Veggie Egg Muffins
These are so tasty and you can make enough for the entire week! They also make a great snack

You will need:
Muffin pan
Eggs- I do a combo of egg whites (1 cup) and farm fresh eggs (5 or 6)
Veggies- whatever you like, I use onion, bell pepper and spinach
Coconut oil- or any spray oil
Fresh herbs, this is what takes it over the top! Chives and parsley

Chop up your veggies — you want to cut them into ¼ inch chunks and it’s best if everything is uniform. (chopping montage)
Then do a rough chop of your herbs
Pan sear veggies (minus the herbs) for 5 minutes to caramelize and bring out the flavor
Then get your eggs together — 1 cup of egg whites with 5-6 eggs. Mix.
Take your muffin tin and evenly distribute veggie mix, then add your egg, you can fill to the top. Then top off with your fresh herbs.
Pop these into a preheated 350 oven for 20 minutes. They puff up as they cook but go down as they cool.
I set aside a few to eat and put the rest in Tupperware to heat and eat the rest of the week. They last for 5 days in the fridge!
Before eating I add some salt, pepper and avocado — so tasty! Also make a great protein snack!

Recipe 2: Bananas Foster Overnight Oats
This is cool because you don’t have to cook the oatmeal –plus they taste like bananas foster!

You will need
Milk or milk sub of your choice
Your favorite oatmeal
Spices — cinnamon, vanilla extract and honey
Coconut oil

heat 1 tablespoon coconut oil in a skillet
add sliced bananas
cap full of vanilla extract
dash of cinnamon
1-2 tsp of honey
let this caramelize for 5 minutes and set aside

Then prepare your oatmeal by putting one part oats to two parts milk
Add your banana mixture and put in the refrigerator overnight. They “cook” in the fridge and can be eaten the next morning as is or you can heat them up in the microwave.

Recipe 3: Breakfast Fruit Wrap
Easy to take with you on the go and has peanut butter and greek yogurt for protein to give you sustained energy!

For this you need
Whole wheat tortillas
Peanut butter or almond butter
Greek yogurt
Fruit — banana and strawberries

Slice up banana and strawberries in thin slices
Lay out your tortilla and add almond butter, fruit, greek yogurt, and some granola and walnuts for crunch.
Then wrap it all up and you can take with you to go.

Recipe 4: Healthy Starbucks Iced Chai
Last little bonus is a healthier version of my favorite starbucks drink — an iced chai latte. I recently found out that the starbucks version of this has 61 grams of sugar!!!!!! Holy crap. This version has only 8.

Milk or substitute of your choice
Vanilla extract

Directions — for a 24 oz serving
3 tea bags and about 16 oz of water
this brand of chai by stash tea is inexpensive and tastes similar to the starbucks version.
use filtered water for better tea and steep 3-4 minutes
then in your cup add honey — I only add 1 tbs to make it healthier. Cap full of vanilla extract and dash of cinnamon. Add the hot tea, stir and pop in the fridge to cool.
Then add ice and your milk, I add mostly almond mild and a dash of half and half
Stir and you have a super tasty chai latte with only 1/8th the amount of sugar!!

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  2. Love the recipes on your video so far I’ve tried the wrap and the overnight oats and love them both I had tried the overnight oats before and did not come out good I was afraid of doing it again but your recipe was awesome loved it.

  3. Just found your channel today and I’m addicted! First started looking for organizing and decluttering vids because I’m moving and I want to become a minimalist… need major help… but I have fallen in love with your channel and bright cheerful disposition! Thanks for all the help!

  4. omg, I just tried the wrap recipe for breakfast and it’s so amazing and beautifully delicious😍 I think I’ll try the over night oats. love your channel, so inspiring!! 😍😘

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