Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Vegan Turkey Loaf

Big hugs ya’ll!! Tofurky, sweet potatoes, green beans, cranberries. Here’s making our low-cal vegan dinner to share with all of you. Lot’s to be thankful for this year. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. @hoppinglion01 You know, I still have not tried making your pumpkin ice cream — need to do that for Christmas. Yep, who eats the recommended portion size.. oh wait, that would be me on this diet, LOLOL!!! I had never heard of Quinoi until you just posted it, had to look it up… will definitely try this! Thank you!!

  2. @RevolutionaryBrewer Thanks. Yes, I wanted to show how it turned out, but figured the video wouldn’t go up until the day was nearly over by then. It turned out great, everyone loved it. And I didn’t go over my fat & calories on my diet! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

  3. @TheSuperdiscobreaks Sorry, but I’m doing a major weight-loss thing right now, so no home-brew for awhile. Doc’s orders. I will be getting a beer-mail from a viewer soon, so I’ll be doing a review on that when it comes. Cheers!

  4. @immolateus It was delicious. Everybody loved it! I typically hate vegan fake meat but they’ve got it right in this Tofurky. It tastes like turkey white meat and even has a meaty consistancy (another thing most fake meats lack). Cheers!

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    Oh how I love this stuff!

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