Hack Your Holiday Party

Expert in home tech Carley Knobloch shares quick tips to make your party a success. Learn how to hack your party this holiday season with tips such as keeping a well-stocked beverage station or bar cart.

Have a variety of drinks and plenty of back-ups so that guests can help themselves—remember to stock up on ice, too. Low on counter space? Carly has you covered! Use a sideboard or buffet table for décor and food. Speaking of food—opt for no bake appetizers and use a Vitamix blender to cook soups or sauces for you! You can’t go wrong with a slow cooker, especially one that automatically switches to warm mode when the dish has reached the ideal temperature.

Bonus tip! Start the party with an empty dishwasher, so at the end of the night you don’t have a sink full of dirty dishes and nowhere to put them.

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