Gustaba Kashmiri Mutton – Non-Vegetarian Maincourse Recipes – Dinner Dishes

This is a popular mutton based delicacy prepared with mutton minced with spices shaped into balls and cooked in flavorful and delicious yoghurt gravy. It is one of the most beautiful delicacies from the Kashmiri cuisine which one would never forget off.

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  1. hi ma’am
    m not criticising ur cooking. but plz don’t misguide people by saying its goshtaba. as rightly said by Mr imran some additional fat is required while mincing.

  2. no doubt it looks like a very good recipe for a decent dish but am sorry to disappoint you as its nowhere close to a goushtaab. the preparation of meatballs in goushtaab requires additional fat while mincing traditionally on a flat rock and beating the mutton with a wooden hammer. even the preparation of the yeakhnee(so called velatee curry) is entirely nowhere close….the only close ingredient is the curd. though this is worth a try I wonder what should be the name of this dish…coz its definitely not goushtaab.

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