Grissini (Italian Breadsticks) Recipe in The Bread Kitchen

These iconic Italian bread sticks are very easy to make and taste far better than anything you will get in a restaurant. Recipe at


  1. Thanks, I do like your way of grissini. I have seen many and yours looks best. Will be having them with lasagna, and perhaps sneak into the bottle of wine with them.

  2. I can’t find any of that bread flour at the country store. Can I use all purpose flour? I live 40 miles away from a town in the booger woods am stocked up on all purpose and land sakes do we eat alot of biscuts and gravy and cornbread would you tell me what is whole meal flour also? I also only have olive oil from the sav a lot grocery. Much obliged.

  3. Don’t worry, I’m italian and I also like parmisan in my grissini ! ( I actually prefer the “grana Padano” ,but they are both delicious) . Great recipe,as always! 

  4. As Italian person I would say that you’re a genius! That thing with parmisan is just too naughty to hurt our minds, we surely don’t mind 😉 however I’ll suggest you to try and put some salt just before putting them into the oven, better coarse salt, it’s a tradition of northern Italy and makes grissini even more naughty!

  5. I am some what confused, I was watching this video and got a message to click on the computer screen  and I would be transferred to “The Bread Kitchen” to  watch the very same video.  If I didn’t click, then I would be beat in the head, by an English cook using her freshly baked bread stick!!!

    So, I clicked on the screen and was transferred to the same English cook teaching an American, who lives in Texas,  how to make Italian Bread Sticks.  While watching the dough being kneaded, I was let in on a secrete, but I had to swear that I would never tell the Italians, because they would have a conniption fit if they knew what she was putting in the dough.  Well, she pointed to her nose and being a Texan, I thought,,,”Holly Crap that English cook is going to blow her nose in that Italian dough.”

    NO,,NO,,NO,,,now wait a minute, that isn’t what happened, but I learned when an English cook points to her nose, she is fixing to piss off a bunch of Italians by doing something to their dough!!!  

    Anyway, I plan to follow directions and add Parmesan  cheese to the dough and just home the Italians don’t declare war on Texas!!!!

  6. Ok, I’ve made them, they are in the oven right now! The dough was a bit dry so I added some water to it. I hope they will turn out well. Do you have time to show us how to make petits palmiers at home? Please! 🙂

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