Grinch Inspired Santa Hat Cakes (Fldeboller) – Christmas Recipe – By One Kitchen

1st of December and time for a Christmas treat! I love these santa or elves hats with a Grinch fluff filling!

About 20 hats
You will need:
6 pasteurized egg whites
½ cup or 120 ml of water
10.5 oz or 300 grams of sugar
5.6 oz or 160 grams of glucose syrup
Green food coloring paste

Sugar mix at 117 degrees C or 243 F.

Vanilla biscuits
White chocolate
Red food coloring powder for chocolate
Cocoa butter to make the chocolate more runny (but optional)
White M&M’s

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  1. Julia, hahahaha! Santa hats with green grinch filling! How do you think of such things? These are too clever for words, and they’re obviously insanely delicious!

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