Greek style KEBABS with easy Marinade How to Make recipe

How to make Greek style kebabs with easy marinade recipe.
In this video recipe we cook some tasty kebabs, I used mainly pork shoulder for mine but you could use this marinade on chicken,lamb,turkey,beef,goat or fish. I cooked mine under the grill but you could cook yours on the barbecue, which ever way you choose they will be tasty. All the ingredients are shown at the start of the video and you can see step-by-step instructions on how to prepare and cook these kebabs
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  1. a surgestion. mix the marinade then pour onto the meat let gravity help it flows down to the meat. if you put meat into marinade you will need stir the marinade back up abit hard to coat

  2. Thank you for another great recipe. The finished product looks terrific. With the paprika, do you have a preference for Hungarian (usually sweeter) or Spanish (smokey)?

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