Gourmet Meals (Fast/Easy) “Recipes in a Flash” MRR Package.

http://dunway.com/101_recipes/index.html – Fast/Easy Gourmet Meals in Minutes!

“Recipes in a Flash” MRR Package.

“FINALLY! You Can Cook A Professional Delicious Gourmet Meal Lightning Fast, Without Slaving Crazy Hours in Your Kitchen… 30 Minutes or Less!”

Now you can discover the Right Way to Cook Up a Storm at Lightning Speed. Create Delicious Professional Gourmet Meals in a Flash…

* Cut your cooking time in half and create great meals like you see on T.V.
* Create delicious meals in 30 minutes or less
* 101 dinner meals for you to choose from, so you’ll never say things like, “Pork and beans for dinner, again?

* Recipes that you’ll literally sink your teeth into, and never get tired of…
* 100% healthy and Low Carb Recipes also available.

* Preparation/cook time included with all recipes within the book!

Learn how to cook gourmet style: Chinese, Italian, Greek, Indian & more!
From enchiladas to ground beef stroganoff… this book’s got it all!

Just imagine being able to cook for your spouse, family, or friends anytime, & almost anywhere… without the inconvenience of ordering takeout!

After going to all the trouble of testing, creating, and cooking up these magnificent meals for myself, I settled on compiling all of these recipes in a book, as a perfect and convenient way to deliver this information (for you and me).

Plus, you get the bonuses listed below.

Bonus 1: Vegetarian Meals in a Flash
Bonus 2: Breakfast in a Flash
Bonus 3: Dessert in a Flash

The ‘101 Recipes in a Flash’ + Bonuses – MRR Package.

[YES] You can customize the product with your own name (as author)
[YES] You can sell and keep 100% of the profits!
[YES] You can offer the package as a ‘Free Gift’ to your Subscribers!
[YES] It can also be Included in a Membership site!
[YES] You may also separately sell the Resale Rights.
[YES] You can also sell Private Label Rights
[YES] You can offer the product as a Bonus!

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